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  • $100 - Early Bird Discount (Expires July 31st)
  • $100 - Free Banquet Ticket (with each registration)
  • $100 - Canadian Armed Forces Discount
  • $50 - OPA Member Discount (Expires July 31st)
  • $50 - Student Member Discount

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Ticket Prices

Tickets include conference, all-inclusive meals, cocktail reception, banquet dinner & after-hours hospitality suite.

  • $400 - Conference Tickets (regular rate, minus any applicable discounts)
  • $100 - Additional Banquet Tickets (get one free with each conference registration)
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Group Tickets

Our website is designed to handle ticket sales for all scenarios:

  1. Individual buying one ticket for the same person attending
  2. Individual buying one ticket to be sent to another person attending
  3. Individual buying tickets for a group of people and the purchaser is one of the people attending
  4. Individual is buying tickets for a group of people but the purchaser is not one of the people attending

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